B.B. King

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The Thrill Is Gone

de Completely Well


The Thrill Is Gone

de Deuces Wild


How Blue Can You Get?

de Live In Cook County Jail


Better Not Look Down

de Take It Home


Chains And Things

de Indianola Mississippi Seeds



B.B. King - Days of Old
B.B. King - Crying Won't Help You
B.B. King - I Gotta Find My Baby
B.B. King - My Sometime Baby
B.B. King - Dark Is The Night

Singles & EP

B.B. King - Shake It Up And Go
B.B. King - Why I Sing The Blues / Don't Answer the Door / Rock Me Baby (Live from the North Sea Jazz Festival, The Hague, 13th July 1985)
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B.B. King - How Blue Can You Get? (Live On The Ed Sullivan Show, October 18, 1970)
B.B. King - Christmas Celebration
B.B. King - I Need You So Bad (Billboard Hot 100 - No 85)
B.B. King - Be Careful with a Fool (Billboard Hot 100 - No 95)