Benny Goodman

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Stompin At The Savoy

de B. G. In Hi Fi


Jersey Bounce (Instrumental)

de B. G. In Hi Fi


Let's Dance

de B. G. In Hi Fi


(I Would) Do Anything For You (Instrumental)

de B. G. In Hi Fi


Sing, Sing, Sing (Parts 1 & 2)

de Benny Goodman Plays Selections From The Benny Goodman Story (Expanded Edition)


Singles & EP

Benny Goodman - I Want To Be Happy (Live On The Ed Sullivan Show, June 19, 1960)
Benny Goodman - Mission to Moscow (Billboard Hot 100 - No 12)
Benny Goodman - Intermezzo (A Love Story) (Billboard Hot 100 - No 17)
Benny Goodman - Solo Flight (Billboard Hot 100 - No 20)
Benny Goodman - A String of Pearls (Billboard Hot 100 - No 15)