Vince Gill

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Go Rest High On That Mountain

de When Love Finds You


Tryin' To Get Over You (Album Version)

de I Still Believe In You


Threaten Me With Heaven (Album Version)

de Threaten Me With Heaven


Go Rest High On That Mountain (Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol. 1 Album Version)

de Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol. 1


Tell Me One More Time About Jesus (Album Version)

de These Days



Vince Gill - Okie
Okie Vince Gill 2019
Vince Gill - Down To My Last Bad Habit
Vince Gill - Christmas
Christmas Vince Gill 2015
Vince Gill - Bakersfield (Deluxe)
Vince Gill - Ballads
Ballads Vince Gill 2013
Vince Gill - Bakersfield

Singles & EP

Vince Gill - Forever Changed
Vince Gill - A World Without Haggard
Vince Gill - I Don't Wanna Ride The Rails No More
Vince Gill - When My Amy Prays
Vince Gill - A Letter To My Mama